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Unique terrazzo style pots


Easter island moai set

Geometric bracelet holder

About Us

We are a Canadian small business making decorative handmade items including planters, jewelry displays, cellphone holders, candle holders, and coasters. We are a local business located in Calgary. We are an Etsy star seller with more than 1,200 sales.

We source our materials locally and proudly make them in our workshop in Calgary. 

We are dedicated to bringing a sense of nature and beauty to your living environment. Our business is to be unique!

More about us

Tealight candle holder

Etsy Handmade

Calgary, Canada

We create unique items with passion. From the creation to perfection, the whole journey is full of joy for us. There is no limits in creativity. Read more about our Etsy shop and how we acheived +1,200 sales in short amout of time also mainataining the quality and being a Etsy star seller.

Featured Collections


Fresh and vibrant swirled selection including swirled coaster and pots.


Best Sellers

Our best sellers all the time.


Ring Holders

Jewelry displays and stands are trending now. Vast and unqiue collection.


Innovative Coaster Collection

Drink coasters is one of our specialties. We have various styles and colors. This coaster is made of jesmonite and swirled with two different pigments.

Round drink coaster set
Swirled pot set

Simple but chic

In our company we think about being simple but at the same time chic and functional. Sometimes we keep our products in a very industrial look but sometimes we came up with totally new ideas. Our swirled collection is one of the rare innovation so far. We perfect the surface of our products with bright enamel colors. It is like enamel layered over the item. Each piece is unique and we don’t know where the paint will land but the final product is something unique and it is only made for you. No one else has the same design.

Look at these beautiful planters all are made with swirl technique.

Registered under the name ‘GREEN BEGONIA FLORAL DESIGN’ in Alberta, Canada since 2017. Business number AB-PT20436085