About Us

Handmade by local business

Etsy Journey

We opened our Etsy shop under the name “Green Begonia” middle of 2017 by focusing on small and minimalistic concrete planters. Through the time, we added more product categories to our shop and diversified the collection. We focused on using concrete as the main and fundamental material for creating our items. We were able to show the versatility of concrete which could last for hundreds of years under ideal condition.

We gradually increased the quality of our products by testing different methods and materials. We added exciting colors and stayed focused on industrial look for our items. Now we have multiple collection of home decoration items including cellphone stands, jewelry display, coasters, candle holders, and some other accessories.

Our business is not about the profit. We are here to have fun and also give fun vibes to people’s home and environments. We are handmade. Each piece of our products is unique from the others to some extents. Not two items are the same so you will own something unique to you. We don’t do a mass production and we don’t commercialized ourselves. We don’t promote our business widely and we are relying on word of mouth.

Our best seller all the time is a set of four concrete planters sold more than 500 sets. Priced fairly for a bundle of small and miniature planter set. We also sold this set with plants to our local customers which it was a huge success.

In the middle of journey, we decided to create some terrazzo style items using imported material, Jesmonite. Jesmonite is an eco-friendly, water-based acrylic resin. We this material it is easier to create terrazzo-style products specially coaster and flat surfaced items. But this made in UK material is not easy to find and also expensive. The finished product would be very expensive for us and respectively our customers.

In 2023, we decided to have a more descriptive name for our business so we changed it to “Good Mood Design”. Our business is registered in Alberta, Canada and licensed by City of Calgary.

If there is any questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Shop Local

Made in Alberta in Calgary. Trust your local businesses and shop local to empower your community and domestic economy. Good Mood Design formerly known as Green Begonia has been serving Calgary since 2017 by providing small and minimalistic home decoration items such as planters, cellphone stands, and jewelry displays.

Our shop is run by domestic artists who love to create minimalist and functional home decorations.

We source all our raw materials and tools from local and domestic service providers and retailers. We believe in a stronger economy which could be achieved by shopping locals. 

We carefully design our items to meet our customers’ highest expectations.

About Me




My name is Hasti and I am a co-founder and designer of this shop. I love creating unique products hard to find anywhere else.

My husband and I founded this little handmade shop in 2017. Our first goal was to sell plants and planters.

During these years I learned different techniques to create unique products out of just one simple material, concrete.

Please contact us if you have any questions about my products.

Registered under the name ‘GREEN BEGONIA FLORAL DESIGN’ in Alberta, Canada since 2017. Business number AB-PT20436085